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How Will Developers Submit Your App To The Google Play & App Store?

While submitting your app to the Google Play and App Store, your development company will need a few things from you. To make sure your app stands out from the crowd, here are a few of Chief-Changemaker Puff's ideas when it comes to the differences between the two stores and what you need to consider during this stage of your project.


How should developers submit your app to the store?

Questions to ask your app development company:

In our latest series, we look at the most important questions to ask your app development company and what their answers should look like. But before we dive into submitting your app in more detail, here’s how Puff thinks developers should go about answering this question.

How should developers submit your app to the app stores?

There are a few things to mention when it comes to submitting your app to either the Google Play or App Store, while working with app development companies this stage could take up to two weeks and will usually involve the following:

  1. Collate App Store information
  2. Create the App Store listing
  3. Submit version for review

Before your app can be submitted to the Store however, your mobile app development company will need to ensure that the app passes the App Store Review Guidelines and that they or you have an Apple developer program account.

We have a developer account and can submit the app on your behalf, or we can utilise your developer accounts, it depends on what best suits you.

Puff, Chief-Changemaker, 3 SIDED CUBE

What do you need to submit your app to the store?

App developers should cover the majority of what’s needed to submit to the store, but you should always provide input and get involved to make sure you’re best reflecting your brand, project and app itself.

Name: The name of your app that end users will see.

Description: Detailing the features and functionality of what your app does.

Category: The type of app you want to be listed as, you can also have secondary categories, these are a main way users will find your app in the store.

Keywords: Separated with a comma, these are a way of indexing your app to describe how it differs from other apps in that category.

Screenshots: Screenshots should promote your app by giving visual designs and demonstrating how it’s interacted with.

App Icon: Your app icon will be shown in the store, make it rememberable and represents your brand.

Rating: Based on Apple’s questionnaire, you can decide upon a rating for your app depending on the maturity of its content.

Google Play vs the App Store:

Comparing Android to iOS, the Google Play Store is far more lenient when it comes to their apps, (operating on so many different devices that all need to be accounted for) so the process of submitting your app is a lot easier and less time-consuming.

You’ll need to use either you or your developer’s account before submission, but the rest is pretty simple. One important thing to remember is that you’ll have the option to change a paid app into a free one, but not the other way around; if you want your app to be paid for, you’ll also need a merchant account.

How much does it cost to submit your app to the Stores?

Although both Stores will take 30% of revenue and give the other 70% to developers, it’s important to note the difference between the cost of submitting your app to Google Play and the App Store.

Google charges a one-off payment of $25, while Apple takes an annual fee of $99. Although this is a small cost to your overall project, it makes more sense when you consider the amount of money iOS users spend on apps and on in-app purchases.

You can actually expedite the submission to make it go through more quickly, if you have a good enough reason.

Puff, Chief-Changemaker, 3 SIDED CUBE

ASO (App Store Optimisation)

This is the process of making your app rank higher in search results in the store, the importance of out-ranking your competitors is obvious, but to gain traffic to your page your developers will need to fully-understand your audience before looking at how to best implement ASO:

Title: Use primary keywords that describe your app and have the highest search traffic.

Keywords: These should be the things your users search for, make sure developers consider language and tone of voice as well as phrases and terminology.

Description: A common area for mistakes; your app description should never solely focus on keywords as this is detrimental to search visibility and user experience.

Downloads and ratings also play a huge part in optimising your app, however they should be a knock-on effect after people have found and used it. Meaning that if your app provides a great experience, you’ll be rewarded by the store in search results.

Questions to ask your app development company:

  1. How much does an app cost?
  2. How long does it take to build an app?
  3. Should I get an Android or iOS app?
  4. How will the project be managed?
  5. How often should I update my app?
  6. How should I test my app?
  7. How will my app be submitted to the Stores?
  8. How should I measure the success of my app?

Published on April 23, 2018, last updated on May 22, 2019

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