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Data-Driven Activism: How Greenpeace is utilising data to deliver on its radical mission

Ever wonder how Greenpeace harnesses the power of big data to deliver on its radical mission? Catch our conversation with Doug Krehbel, Director of Data and Business Intelligence at Greenpeace USA, to get his insightful answer to that burning question. With a background in software development and data strategy, he reveals how his team uses data to transform strategies for environmental advocacy and fundraising.



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In our latest podcast episode, we had the pleasure of chatting with Doug Krehbel, Director of Data and Business Intelligence at Greenpeace USA. Doug, with his extensive background in software development and data strategy, offered us a deep-dive into the world of harnessing big data for nonprofits.

One of the key insights Doug shared was the importance of diversifying supporter bases. By leveraging data, nonprofits can gain a comprehensive understanding of their audience and tailor their outreach efforts accordingly. This approach not only helps in expanding the supporter base but also ensures inclusivity and representation. Understanding the sources of data and being aware of potential biases is crucial to avoid misinterpretation. It’s not just about collecting large quantities of data but rather understanding its context and quality.

Interestingly, Doug shed light on a common phenomenon where experts examining the same dataset often arrive at contrasting conclusions. This highlights the inherent bias in data towards the majority and the importance of critically analyzing and interpreting data to uncover hidden insights. The conversation didn’t stop at data analysis. We delved into the realm of data accessibility and technology for good. Doug shared his insights on shared data networks and the potential of AI-generated data and emphasized how technology can empower nonprofits of all sizes to make a positive impact.

The future of nonprofits is undeniably intertwined with data-driven opportunities and challenges. Throughout this episode, one thing is clear: big data has the power to revolutionize the nonprofit landscape. By leveraging data effectively, organizations can make informed decisions, drive meaningful change, and maximize their impact.

 Together, we can create a future where data leads the way to a better world.

Accessibility, I think, is the biggest thing in tech for good right now, pulling back the curtain on some of the folks that have data and are unwilling to share it.

Doug Krehbel, Director of Data and Business Intelligence at Greenpeace USA

About Greenpeace

Greenpeace is not just an organization; they’re a passionate movement of individuals committed to safeguarding our natural world from devastation. Their vision is crystal clear: a greener, healthier, and more tranquil planet, one that can thrive for generations yet to come.

What sets them apart?

Independence. Greenpeace stands as an independent force, refusing any funding from governments, corporations, or political parties. Their lifeblood is the support of everyday super-hero’s like you, giving them the freedom to confront those responsible for the environmental crisis head-on and demand meaningful change.

The approach is straightforward yet powerful. They dive deep into the heart of environmental destruction, meticulously investigating, documenting, and exposing its root causes. But that’s just the beginning. Greenpeace then wields their collective voice, applying relentless pressure through lobbying, consumer advocacy, and rallying the public to join the cause. And when needed, take peaceful, direct action to shield our Earth and champion sustainable solutions for a green, harmonious future.

Greenpeace traces its roots back to 1971 when a group of concerned individuals embarked on a mission. They set sail on an aging fishing boat aptly named “The Greenpeace” to halt a US nuclear weapons test on Amchitka Island off Alaska’s coast. Today, their presence spans over 40 countries worldwide, and the movement continues to grow with unwavering dedication to their vision.

The urgency couldn’t be clearer. Climate change is advancing at an alarming pace, and its impacts are increasingly tangible – from shifts in our air quality to rising sea levels and more frequent extreme weather events. The time to act to protect our planet is NOW, yet governments and corporations are taking their sweet time in their response. Their mission? To drive radical change and introduce fresh, sustainable solutions to the way we inhabit this planet. Their goal is simple: to ensure that Earth remains a welcoming home for all, for generations to come.

Listen to the full episode here

Tune in now to catch the full conversation and be inspired to harness the power of big data for your nonprofit organization. Together, we can create a future where data leads the way to a better world.

Listen now and become part of the movement to ignite change!

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Published on October 5, 2023, last updated on October 5, 2023

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