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Tech for good talks: How to pick an agency

How do you go about picking the right agency to build your digital product? Check out the blog from our latest digital event to find out...


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So you’ve taken your idea for a life-changing digital product and turned it into a potential project! All of the what, where, how, when and why’s have been meticulously thought through and planned. Your dream is thisclose to coming to reality.

Well…not *quite*

There is still one last vital step that could make or break your project, and that is how to pick an agency to deliver your digital baby. In our 12+ years as a digital product agency, people are still surprised that their dream agency doesn’t instantly pop up in a Google search. A great product could be completely foiled because the right agency wasn’t chosen to build it.

It goes beyond considering if 1) can they do the job? 2) do you like working with them? But all the nuances in-between that. What exactly are those nuances you might be asking yourself?!

Luckily, we had our fabulous hosts and superstar panel there to walk us through the process and all the considerations you should make when making with this decision…

Our dream team

As usual, we had our fearless leaders, Rich and Gabby, on hand steer the ‘HMS Tech For Good Talks’. As the MD and Head of Commercial at 3 Sided Cube, this topic was right up their alley! They have navigated many a client through our doors and had loads of top tips for anyone shopping agencies out there. With their shared expertise on this topic, this event could have lasted hours, but we had our superstar panel ready and raring to give their insights.

We were so psyched to be able to welcome Rachel and Patrick to this event:

Rachel Murphey

Public speaker, health tech advisor, and CEO of award-winning digital services company, Difrent. Since leaving the NHS, Rachel has brought her passion for good services for all, bringing user needs, service design, and actual delivery together for clients.

In just 1,000 days, Rachel built and sold Difrent, which has become a diverse workforce delivering national services. Those services include transforming the NHS Jobs platform and building the Covid Home Testing service to get frontline workers back to work during the first stages of the pandemic.

Patrick Hussey

As the Creative Director for Inuous his role is to guide the creative and production elements of the digital agenda for Inuous. His primary focus is to create high-level strategies for communications and change agendas while utilising the latest digital tools to push the bounds of growth and development.

Check out the entire event below:

As always, an informative and good time was had by all! If you would like to be a part of an upcoming webinar, or have any questions about what was covered, please shout us a holla.

We are also SO very excited to say that we are running a hybrid event next month! This event will focus on the opportunity technology poses in closing the intention action gap surrounding sustainable living. Our panel discussion, led by brand and technology experts, will explore the current barriers facing consumers and brands, but also looking at how different technology approaches can support a more sustainable society.

Sign-ups are limited, so if you are keen to attend in real life, or attend virtually, make sure you snatch up your ticket ASAP! Details and sign-ups are in the link below:

Published on September 22, 2021, last updated on September 22, 2021

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