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Exciting News From CUBE HQ: We've Been Shortlisted For Three Awards!

Big announcement! We’ve been shortlisted for three categories in the UK App Awards, Agency of the Year, App of the Year and Retail App of the Year. We couldn’t be more excited! Check out the apps that have become finalists and what we've been up to this year.



The UK App Awards 2017.

The UK App Awards celebrate and reward excellence in apps developed in the UK, and with 29 categories we struggled to narrow our entries down to only three!

We’re proud to have produced life-saving, life-changing and problem-solving projects for our clients, and being recognised for our collaboration with them always makes us feel warm inside.

UK App Awards Finalist

1) App of the Year:

Our disaster preparedness platform for The International Federation of The Red Cross (IFRC) has been shortlisted for App of the Year. The suite of 189 apps offers emergency advice, relief and safety information across the globe. This year the Hurricane and Emergency apps specifically were lifesavers for those affected by the recent category five storms in the US.

With over 400,000 downloads in the US and Caribbean alone in the space of a month and 9,000 server requests per minute during Hurricane Irma, it’s great to see the impactful work that IFRC is doing gaining the recognition it deserves.

2) Retail App of the Year:

We entered Retail App of the Year for our project with Pixie, an organisation that sets out to empower a culture of independent businesses, and the app does just that. Giving smaller local retailers the technology they need to compete with larger chains, the platform allows users to discover and build loyalty with their favourite brands while providing a way for independent retailers to establish themselves on a previously unreachable platform.

The use of innovation and technology is sticking up for the little guy and helping to bring about social change to the people and businesses that deserve it the most.

Pixie Indie Business App

3) App Agency of the Year:

To be recognised on the shortlist for Agency of the Year among some great competition is a privilege, and rounds off an excellent year for CUBE.

We’ve been busy carrying out our mission to use Tech For Good, taking on 12 new starters over the last 12 months and partnering with The Resource Alliance as a transformative partner of the International Fundraising Congress.

We’ve also launched Plan Z; an initiative to empower young children alongside the likes of World Vision and Save The Children, and picked up some impressive new clients including RSPB and Vista.

Win or not, being finalists in these categories and gaining recognition for our work and our client’s achievements is an incredible feeling, and we couldn’t be more proud to be competing in such prestigious awards.

The ceremony is on the 23rd of November. Here’s to the future of Tech For Good… Wish us luck!

Published on October 23, 2017, last updated on February 24, 2020

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