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Using Pokémon GO to save lives

Here at 3 SIDED CUBE we are proud to be making a name for ourselves in the world of ‘Tech for Good’. We get to work with a range of exciting Third Sector clients, who focus simply on changing the world. One of the forward thinking charities that we are lucky enough to work with is the GDPC (Global Disaster Preparedness Centre) who came to us with the need of a crowdsourced alerting system that allows users to notify others in the same area as them of potential hazards or disasters. That's were Pokémon GO comes in...


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A crowdsourced alert system is a feature that we believe has the power to save countless lives, it allows us to prepare the unprepared. But, we faced one problem – how do we make sure that our servers are up to the task? Well, being the unconventional bunch that we are, we decided to swap hazards and disasters…for Pokémon!

Today is the day that we unleash our new app, Locate em All, to the big wide world (of Dorset-based Android users).


Locate em All is the app that will change the game for Pokémon Go users. Have you caught a Pokémon that you think people will want to know about? Locate em All lets you alert any other users in the area of what you caught and where. As a user of the app, you will receive notifications both in and out of the game, as our clever app overlays means that you will still get a push notification even if you do not have Pokémon Go open at the time. You never have to miss out on catching a rare Pokémon again!


Other unique features of the app include the ability to filter the notification that you receive, to ensure you are only alerted of the Pokémon that you are most interested in catching  – no more Drowzee overkill!


Even more exciting is the fact that the app runs over the top of any other app that you‘re using, including maps, so you can still earn your steps whilst navigating your way to find that elusive Jigglypuff.


We can’t wait to release Locate em All to the masses – iOS is in development as we speak! But, to make sure we get it spot on first time (ensuring the slick implementation of our hazard crowdsourcing at the same time), we are kicking off by opening the door to our friends and neighbours in the UK first of all.

Published on August 8, 2016, last updated on August 7, 2018

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