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Design Inspiration: Four Beards One Pencil. Christmas Edition.

Ever wanted to grow your own chilli from the comfort of your ho-ho-home? Or wondered how you can pimp out your beard to compete with the Christmas tree that seems to be getting all the attention? This special Christmas edition of Design Inspiration has got all the best stuff you need to know this holiday season.


design inspiration chirstmas edition

This time round newest member of the crew Sedz tells us what’s tickled their beards.

N.B. – the growth of facial hair is not a requirement for working here.

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1) This month's grow-your-own inspiration:

Blue Christmas Chilli plant grow kit from Dorset Chilli Shop.

Our local purveyors of capsaicin, Dorset Chilli Shop have created this kit to grow the Blue Christmas variety of Chilli for those who appreciate an aesthetic burn.

chilli design inspiration

2) Fuel your inspiration with monthly beer care-packages:

Beer 52 – Gift Box

Subscription service Beer 52 deliver a curated selection crate of craft brews chosen each month. Their Christmas selection is available now, or you can sort your favourite beer-monster out with a voucher for a crate later this year.

3) This month's Christmas card game:

Persuasive Patterns Card Deck.

Forget Cluedo and Scattegories, why not get your family together on Christmas day for a deep dive into user psychology with the Persuasive Patterns Cards from UI Patterns.


Persuasive-Cards design inspiration

4) This month's pencil-worthy:

Field Notes Notebooks – Campfire Edition.

The designer’s choice of premium notebook, Field Notes have created this super lit special edition. Perfect to warm your cockles while you sketch.

5) This month's must-read:

The New David Thorne Book – Walk it Off Princess.

Comedian and writer, David Thorne’s tale of the Poster for Missy hilariously demonstrated the everyday travails of the designer for the world.

Lulling misbehaving clients and everyday adversaries into long, strange and funny back-and-forths is his speciality, and is what you can expect more of in his latest book: Walk It Off Princess.

Walk-it-off design inspiration

6) This month's Christmas colour:

Pantone Mug in 2018’s Colour of the Year.

Celebrate the mystical Ultra-Violet’s coronation as colour of the year for 2018 with this premium beverage vessel:

Pantone design inspiration

7) This month's beard accessory:

Beard Baubles.

Don’t you dare let another festive season pass by without taking the opportunity to accessories your whiskers.

Xmas-Beards design inspiration

8) This month's must-have map:

Muju Maps.

Create stylish bespoke map prints of any location in the world as a gift for the cartophile in your life.

Maps design inspiration

Published on December 22, 2017, last updated on June 18, 2018

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