8 Features of Disaster Management Apps that Save Lives

When communities rely on you to keep them safe in the face of catastrophe, being up-to-date on the latest tech can be the difference between life and death. Find out which features of disaster management apps could make you the first thought in people’s minds when they need help the most.

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What’s inside?

  • Which features save the most lives during disasters
  • How disaster management apps can integrate with existing platforms
  • What content to include to have the most engagement from users
  • Where to find reliable, scalable and frequently updated data sources
  • What emerging tech features can be included to improve functionality

Why download?

  • Plan a project which makes an impact and saves countless lives
  • Learn the best ways to reach, engage and convert your users
  • Ensure that you’re getting ROI and your app is worth the investment
  • The do’s and don’ts of disaster management app development
  • Gain reliable and scalable resources to use across disaster management projects
Emergency case study


Emergency case study

Fighting disasters with the emergency preparedness platform

Mother nature is stubborn. When disaster strikes, emergency apps needs to be relied upon in the face of catastrophe. The Global Disaster Preparedness Centre approached Cube with the idea of creating a platform that allowed users to prepare for, respond to and recover from natural disasters.


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Safety notifications in 2018


Emergency alerts during Hurricane Harvey

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