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Tech For Good Talks: Sustainability

In our latest USA Tech For Good Talk, I got to dive into what sustainable tech actually is, and explore some of the businesses that are leading the way.

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In recent decades, the concern over the climate crisis has grown from a fragmented rumble to an overwhelming roar. People were becoming increasingly aware of the precipice we were all headed towards if humanity carried on treating the planet as we had been. It became topical. People making changes towards sustainability in their own home, governments passing legislation to not only halt the damage wrought but reverse it.

We were finally getting somewhere.

Then the pandemic hit. The momentum gained pushing the necessity for a green revolution to the front of the news, took a backseat to COVID-19. It seemed like there would only be room for one global crisis at a time, and that was the case – for a bit. 

Green-tech is now on the rise. And in countries, such as the USA, sustainability has once again been placed at the forefront of the agenda. I might be a *bit* bias here, but it is so very clear that there is a huge demand and emphasis on how technology can be pivotal in shaping that change!

In our latest Tech For Good Talk: USA, I got to dive into what sustainable tech actually is, and explore some of the businesses that are leading the way. I was even able to have panelists from the World Resources Institute, on hand to lend their expertise. The World Resources Institute is an organisation at the intersection of the environment and economic development. Their TerraMatch platform, designed with 3 Sided Cube, matches people that manage tree-growing projects with ambitious funders. So far, they have connected more than $4 million in finance to projects in Africa and Latin America. 

If you missed the virtual event, don’t worry! This blog will break down what was covered and you can find the recording of our fabulous experts below…

What we mean by sustainability

It means meeting our own needs without compromising future generations ability to meet their own needs. That is a really succinct way to define a topic that can cover a wide berth of meanings, There are three components to that:

  1. Environmental Conservation
  2. Social Responsibility
  3. Economic Development

Something that I am even guilty of is thinking about sustainability just in terms of environmental conservation. However, it is important to remember that there are three because embracing all aspects of sustainability is what is going to make an actual difference and reverse the consequences of the damage we have already caused.

We’ve all heard loads about ‘Green Tech’ but what exactly is it?!

This phrase has become increasingly topical recently and more and more people are discussing it, but I think it’s still unclear what it actually is! Luckily, I work with the best minds in tech (and also have Google) so was able to get a clearer idea about what it is.

There are a lot of ways you can address it, but the brass tacks of it come down to a piece of technology that is intended to mitigate or reverse the effects of human activity on the environment. It’s a really lovely way to describe the technology that is being developed to better our planet. 

Let’s hear from the experts!

Published on May 6, 2021, last updated on June 13, 2023

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