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Igniting a Green Revolution - How can technology support sustainability?

'Igniting a Green Revolution’ will focus on the opportunity technology poses in enabling brands and retailers to promote waste reduction, reuse, return and recycling.


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Ladies and Gents, we have a very special event in store for you next week!

In the wake of recently launching our Ignite initiative, we have been busy planning an event that not only provides some “Grade A” networking but most importantly, facilitates the kind of collaboration to action real change in supporting a more sustainable future.

Hold on to your hats, because that PRECISE event is almost here!

We are thrilled to be hitting the ground running with our passion project and kicking it off with a spectacular meeting of minds! ‘Igniting a Green Revolution’ is the name, and the aim is that it’s led by sustainability, brand and technology experts who will explore the current, future and best approaches to supporting a more sustainable society. Happy to report that we have those very experts spearheading our event. From nudge theory, circular economy, reuse ecosystems, all the way to the latest technology and green inspiration,  we’ve got it covered!

In-depth examples of how organisations are minimising their impact on the planet, whilst educating consumers, and utilising technology will also be key highlights. Together, we can learn and share the latest techniques and tips to build a greener world. Attendees will be given the opportunity to participate in small group ideation workshops examining key sustainability challenges and how a range of technology from hardware, software, behavioural change AI, VR and big data can drive future positive change.

The cool thing about this is that we want YOU! Two heads are better than one, and more is definitely more in this case. So, no matter what size of business you’re from, or if you’re a sole trader, there is no such thing as too many people wanting to be a part of revolutionising the sustainability crisis.

The event features guest speakers from WWF, Innocent, Beauty Kitchen and Topolytics.

There is a ticket fee (£30) supporting a very good cause. 100% of proceeds generated through ticket sales for this event will be donated to WWF -World Wide Fund for Nature charity.

We also have this handy dandy report that we recently launched, and we recommend downloading and checking it out before the big event. The new report from our behaviour change specialists reveals the keys to boosting sustainable consumer and brand behaviour and provides excellent insights that will help inform some of the discussions on the 25th of March. Download that here:

Of course, this is just the beginning… We will be launching many more initiatives and research findings from the Ignite program, so make sure you follow our journey. If your company or if you personally would like to get involved and collaborate with us, don’t hesitate to HOLLA!

See you next week, where we’ll take our first steps of changing the world together.

Published on March 19, 2021, last updated on March 31, 2021

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