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Igniting Change Podcast Season 3: Episode 21

Shiloh Paul, Product Manager at MeaningSphere, joins us to discuss her role at an inspirational start-up that’s on a mission to help people find more meaning in their work lives.


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On average, we work for around 260 days a year, so with it being such a huge part of our lives, why don’t we all prioritise our feelings of fulfillment and meaning in our roles?

Our hosts were so excited to be joined by Shiloh Paul, Product Manager at MeaningSphere. In this episode, we talk about how people can use MeaningSphere’s technology solutions to help them find more meaning in their work lives.

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Meet Shiloh

Shiloh’s started her career as a digital marketing manager but later transitioned into product management.  Her current role means that she is responsible for building out the Product Management functionality at MeaningSphere.

But Shiloh still keeps the creativity and colour in her life by also being a part-time actor and writer!

Shiloh had always worked in start-ups but was drawn to MeaningSphere through the emphasis on meaningful work, empowerment of employees, and respect that what employees do outside work is something that enhances them, not something that takes away from work.

This was a massive shift from how Shiloh felt when she first graduated and found work a chore.

Now Shiloh doesn’t dread Monday mornings! She works with supportive people, and work is more like a part of her life than who she is as a person.

Often, its not something that people consider a priority for them, unfortunately, to make sure that they are feeling fulfilled at work. But it’s a third of our lives.

Shiloh Paul, Product Manager, MeaningSphere

About MeaningSphere

MeaningSphere is a start-up focused on helping people find more meaning in their work lives. This is achieved by offering various services to inspire, support, and connect people during their transformation journey.

An example of one technology solution coming soon is the Meaningful Work Survey, helping people who feel like they don’t quite get what they want but are having trouble defining what they might be missing.

Unlike some survey’s you’ll find online, the questions in the Meaningful Work Survey are heavily researched and a report is produced to help people find the pathways they might want to focus on more.

But the support doesn’t stop there! Trained guides can also help people interpret their results and plan the next steps.

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Published on July 11, 2023, last updated on July 11, 2023

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