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Balancing Connectivity and Cybersecurity with the cyber security fairy at Tony Blair Institute for Global Change

Dr. Melanie Garson, the Cyber Policy & Tech Geopolitics Lead at the Tony Blair Institute for Global Change, explores how technology can be a game-changer, from search and rescue to climate prediction as well as guiding us through policy, and cyber security. Catch all the action below in our latest Igniting Change Podcast Episode.


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Do you know what time it is?

Time for the latest and greatest to come from Season 5 of our Igniting Change podcast series!

This week our COO, Sophie Hardiman, sits down (virtually) to chat with Dr. Melanie Garson, Cyber Policy and Acting Director of Geopolitics at Tony Blair Institute for Global Change about her role in working with political leaders and governments to drive incredible social change. These conversations are the backbone of what we do, facilitating conversations around how technology can be used to generate massive positive change. It’s not only about challenging perspectives and sparking ideas that genuinely make a difference but also hearing about the inspirational stories and lives of people unhappy with the status quo and working to leave their indelible mark on the world.

Igniting Change isn’t just about soundbites, it’s about sparking a revolution that marries the idea of technology solving critical issues that shape our global landscape.

This is a conversation you don’t want to miss!

This week on Igniting Change...

In the episode Melanie gives us a glimpse of how The Tony Blair Institute for Global Change has grown rapidly, becoming an 800-person organisation across 34 countries. We hear how the institution brought organisations together and how it provides support to leaders in government to aid their digital transformation journeys. Melanie also explains her team’s work with regional expertise and geopolitical insights to build open and inclusive societies for everyone.

She also shares the potential of technology for good and how it can be used to empower people. Melanie shares stories of how tech has been used for search and rescue, firefighting, connecting women mediators across conflict zones, predicting climate disasters, and creating support networks for domestic abuse. She considers the concept of using tech to free up time and how it can enable us to have better human lives.

Throughout the episode, Melaine highlights the need for regulation and innovation to ensure that the internet remains a beneficial tool for everyone, but we don’t want to give it all away so make sure you tune in below!

The power of tech to do good for everybody, from the micro to the macro, to allow us to be better humans is there.

Dr Melanie Garson

About Tony Blair Institute for Global Change

Ah, the Tony Blair Institute for Global Change, spearheaded by the man himself, Tony Blair, isn’t your run-of-the-mill think tank. They’re on a mission to crack the code on global issues and make sure the perks of globalisation aren’t just for the 1%.

How do they tackle these mammoth problems? It’s a smorgasbord of political know-how, deep policy analysis, and a pragmatic, no-nonsense approach. They dive into critical issues, like economic inequality and climate change armed with solid data evidence and a profound grasp of today’s ever-evolving global landscape.

Their reach isn’t confined to a postcode; they’re on the go in the policy arena, making waves in over 30 countries. Governance? Check. Education? Yup. Healthcare and tech? You bet. They’re the global consultants, lending their expertise wherever it’s needed.

But what sets them apart? It’s their boots-on-the-ground mentality. No armchair philosophising here. They’re all about digging into research, crunching data, and teaming up with governments and local leadership to turn blueprints into action. Think of real changes in healthcare policies, education systems, and greener environmental strategies in our most vulnerable communities worldwide.

Tony Blair Institute for Global Change isn’t about fluff and jargon but rolling up their sleeves and making an honest, global impact that truly changes lives.

Listen to the full episode here

If this sneak peek has left you wanting more, make sure you tune in and find out what can be achieved when technology meets compassion. So, whether you’re a tech aficionado, a humanitarian at heart, or simply curious about how data and ingenuity can intersect to drive meaningful change.

Listen now and become part of the movement to ignite change.

For more things tech for good, stay tuned to our blog or shout us a holla to get in touch with us, we would love to hear from you 💚

Published on November 17, 2023, last updated on November 17, 2023

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