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January Fitness? Challenge Accepted. Or Attempted

January is one of my least favourite months (turns out I’m not the only one). On the come-down from CUBEMAS, the team needed a way to get active, be challenged, and bring some energy back into the office (queue January fitness challenges). Here's how the challenges went down.

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Techies do fitness?

Our New Years Resolution.

Most people do dry January or try to quit smoking, some give up their guilty pleasures (Puff gave up diet coke, Chris his love for biscuits).

But with a few fitness-freaks in the office, we came together for a series of fitness challenges that would add a bit of fun (and exercise) to the dull days of January.

Can I learn to stop hating exercise?

A few people, actually...

The daily fitness challenges.

Admittedly, we didn’t take the fitness challenges too seriously.

After all, you’re never going to reach peak fitness by sparing five minutes of your time in the office.

Our challenges were there to bring the team together on dreary afternoons and give them something fun and exciting to get involved in.

And fun it was (although often descending into chaos).

Let's get one thing straight...

We’re not against exercise. (starting to feel like I’m painting a pretty bad picture).

We’ve run with GoodGym for the first day of CUBEMAS. We’ve had yoga instructors pay us lunchtime visits. We even have a CUBE football team.

I’m a big fan of running (most of the time) and CUBE is made up of long-boarders, kite-surfers, jugglers, martial artists…

Wait… Who’s UK App Agency of the Year?

The plan for next month?

Try harder perhaps? I think not…

The fitness challenges were never meant to be pushed on people, these aren’t short marathons through town, in fact, one of our challenges actually involved a game of Twister (Pip’s choice).

As long as people are being energetic, having fun and getting involved, I’m happy.

Published on January 26, 2018, last updated on April 9, 2019

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