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An app to help monitor the eye health of primary school children

Vista is a charity that has worked tirelessly with people with sight loss for over 160 years. They needed an app to aid their educational programme for early years children, with a focus on eyes and vision. The team at 3 Sided Cube were honoured to design and build an app that would facilitate their needs.

The challenge?

Vista were keen to start carrying out vital eye screening in primary schools throughout the UK. By utilising pictures, shapes and games, their team are able to screen children’s eyes well before they have learnt to read. Because of this, any eye problems could be quickly detected and treated quickly. 

However, the current process was very manual and time consuming, making it hard to maximise the amount of children they could help. They needed a way to expedite the process of carrying out the screening so they could do more of them in a shorter amount of time. 


The Solution?

In order to streamline the process, 3 Sided Cube created an android application, using the programming language Kotlin, that would allow all of the screenings to be done via a tablet. This meant that the team could use the app to go into schools, vision screen them and highlight any issues within a fraction of the time of the existing screening process. 

The app was shown on a tablet, 5 meters from the child, which could be controlled by a third party via the Bluetooth on their phone. It was an extensive process to make sure the screening was of high quality and the scaling precise, but the detailed testing we completed ensured it was spot on and accurate.

The app is used daily and has really changed how the team at Vista work, allowing them to scale up, reaching far more schools and being able to help hundreds more children.


We met with 3 Sided Cube and they turned our vision into reality by designing an app that has allowed us to screen hundreds of children’s eyes’ enabling us to identify any early problems.

Steve Payne, Operations Director

How does the app work?

Carrying out vital vision screening

Portraying different symbols to help children engage with the screening.

Flagging key issues

Producing results so that any problems can be identified and parents or guardians can be informed.