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Informing Thousands of American Employees Through an App

Nordstrom, a luxury department store with locations across the US, approached 3 Sided Cube to help them build an app that would provide crucial information to all of their employees.

The Challenge?

Nordstrom got in touch with 3 Sided Cube as they needed to create a way to communicate important information across their stores to their employees. These resources included detailed information on what to do in the case of an emergency such as a natural disaster or an active shooter.

Their current process was using a physical manual, but as the brand was growing at an immense speed, they needed to ensure that this information was easily accessible for anyone within the company. 


The Solution

We created an iOS and Android mobile app as well as a web platform to house all the vital information. This included all the necessary details of how to respond and recover from a list of potential emergencies. 

These new platforms have been distributed across all stores for internal use by employees. It has been fundamental to prepare all 74,000 employees for the possibility of an emergency and allow Nordstrom to update them on any changes. 


What does the app do?


Learn about how to respond and recover from emergencies that could occur.

Essential contacts

More information on who to contact, location specific, in the event of an emergency.

Initial assessments

Access to initial assessment forms that can be used after an emergency.


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