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An app to revolutionise mentorship for young migrants

Migrant Leaders partnered with 3 SIDED CUBE to build a robust technical solution that facilitates mentoring connections, insights, and opportunities for migrant mentees.

The Challenge?

Imagine navigating a world where potential is brimming but opportunities are scarce. That’s the reality for millions of young migrants. Migrant Leaders saw this gap and set out to change it, determined to provide these young minds with the mentorship and resources they desperately needed. 

The challenge was monumental: create a scalable, efficient platform that not only connects mentees with mentors from over 95 FTSE100 and Fortune 500 firms but also automates the matching process to save time and ensure perfect pairings. This platform needed to offer comprehensive resources and opportunities to help young migrants navigate their careers and personal development effectively. 

Migrant Leaders manually matched mentees and mentors, a laborious process managed via a CRM and spreadsheets, and involved a thorough review of individual questionnaires. This method was time-consuming and limited in scalability, preventing Migrant Leaders from expanding their reach and impact. With over 1,500 matches already being handled manually, scaling up to meet growing demand seemed impossible. To truly make a difference and reach more young migrants, they needed an automated, intelligent solution to streamline this process and allow for indefinite scalability.

Recognising the complexity and scope of this task, Migrant Leaders reached out to 3 SIDED CUBE to build a robust technical solution for the challenge they were facing.


The Solution

Enter the team, the Cubies brought our signature mix of expertise, innovation, and passion for building tech for good to the table. We partnered with Migrant Leaders to develop a groundbreaking mobile app that would revolutionise mentorship for young migrants.

We built a dynamic, user-friendly mobile app for both iOS and Android platforms, ensuring everyone could access it. Our team of ridiculously talented Cubies powered the backend with Firebase and AWS, guaranteeing a robust, scalable, and reliable solution.

The real secret sauce lay in our custom-built algorithm. This clever piece of tech matched mentees with mentors based on shared goals, interests, and professional backgrounds. 

The Migrant Leaders mobile app offers mentoring connections, insights, and opportunities. It features automated mentor-mentee matching based on goals and expertise, supported by detailed profiles. Users gain access to a wealth of resources and thought leadership from mentors and corporate partners. 

The Migrant Leaders app is more than just a piece of software it’s a lifeline, a mentor, and a guide for young migrants wanting to build a brighter future.

What does the app do?

Automated Matching

Automated mentor-mentee matching based on goals and expertise, supported by individual profile settings. Mentors can easily support multiple mentees with notifications to encourage ongoing engagement.

Resource Access

Access to resources, support tools, and thought leadership from mentors and corporate partners.


Opportunities for events, webinars, training, internships, and jobs posted by Migrant Leaders and corporate partners.

Dynamic Experience

A dynamic mentoring experience allowing mentors to select mentees from a matched list for one-off or continuing sessions.

Profile Highlights

Detailed mentee profiles that highlight strengths, skills, and objectives with short videos to tell their stories.

The Results

Launched in April 2024, the iOS and Android apps are set to redefine mentorship experiences. The Migrant Leaders solution features functionalities such as automated mentor-mentee matching based on similar goals and expertise, supported by individual profile settings. It showcases insights and opportunities curated by Migrant Leaders, assists in establishing career and goal clarity, and incorporates a conversational UI with prompts for an enriched user experience.

The solution is poised to empower and uplift young migrants, fostering a brighter future.

We are really proud of the Migrant Leaders mobile app as it transforms the mentoring experience and will enable our charity to engage with many more young people. When we considered the scale of the challenge ahead, we knew that we have to work with the best in the Tech for Good space. We are thrilled to be working with 3SC and look forward to an innovative future for Migrant Leaders!

Elham Fardad, Founder & CEO, Migrant Leaders



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