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12 Days of Cubemas #6: Volunteering at the Alpine Bar

Ever seen a polar bear dance with a turkey? We headed over to the Alpine Bar for the sixth day of CUBEMAS in Bournemouth Square to collect donations on behalf of Julia’s House. Yes, we found a couple of grinches and some very confused members of the public... But also had an incredible time in the process!



Ever seen a polar bear and a turkey dancing?

CUBE spent the sixth day of CUBEMAS gift-wrapping Christmas presents, dressing up in various festive costumes and collecting donations on behalf of Julia’s House.

What a way to spend our day in December:

With the Christmas market in town, we’ve never seen Bournemouth busier and members of our community were happy to take a minute out of their busy days to say hello to Polar Bear and friends.

alpine bar cubemas

Selfies, selfies, and more selfies:

It was amazing to see just how many people were willing to stop and donate towards the charity’s cause. Christmas is a stressful time of the year anyway, let alone Christmas shopping in the town centre ten days before presents are due!

But even with all the rushing, queuing, sweating and stressing, our community still has enough energy to listen to us and learn about Julias’s House and everything the charity stands for.

Polar bear Kev cubemas

Living with life-limiting conditions:

In the chaos of Christmas, it’s easy to forget about what the season is actually all about.

We were fundraising for Julia’s House who helps our community by providing practical and emotional support to children and families living with life-threatening conditions.

Julias house charity pot
"When a family finds out that their child has a very serious medical condition, which is life-limiting or life-threatening, their world falls apart. Julia’s House exists to help these children and their families."

Julia's House

What a fantastic cause:

And after speaking to countless members of the public it’s apparent that we’re not the only one with this opinion. The reason so many members of our community want to support the charity is that they are passionate about what Julia’s House stands for.

And despite their serious tone and nature, we still shared more than a few laughs volunteering!

polar bear at waffle stand

So, another day of CUBEMAS complete and the team is feeling more Christmassy than ever! It’s a fantastic feeling to give back at Christmas, maybe more so than at any other time of the year, but it’s fair to say that we want to keep fundraising, volunteering and donating all year round!

Published on December 15, 2017, last updated on February 24, 2020

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