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Ignite: the next chapter

Six months ago we had an idea and something to prove. The “we” encompasses every single person that works for, contributes to, and is inspired by the 3 Sided Cube mission. That mission, naturally, being “Tech For Good”.



The projects we take on, down to the inner workings of day-to-day office admin ALL happen with that humble goal at the forefront of everyone’s minds. But still, it didn’t feel like enough. Like Liam Neeson, we have a very specific skill set…I mean not like kicking butt with Hollywood enhanced mercenary skills. But using each and every Cube’s tech wherewithal for the ultimate good: putting forth a little app that is capable of making a big impact.

Thus Ignite was born.

Having a positive impact on the planet

As a tech company, of course we are proponents for the undeniable positive change that technology can have on lending aid to global environmental problems. We just had to figure out how to address the need, then harness it. And it was pretty easy to see a glaring hole in the sustainability niche. 

We quickly honed in on home waste and recycling. Sexy, I know. 

But, it is such an important issue for us regular ol’ folks to grasp. So that as individuals, we can be the change we so desperately want to see. Easier said than done. There are fine lines and regulations involved in the recycling process that make it difficult in the best of circumstances. Take into account the standard household and all of the finite rules go out the window.

Like, did you know that even one teeny tiny unwashed yoghurt pot left in your weekly recycling, “contaminates” the whole bin. Which then renders the whole process, and attempt at “going green”, useless.

Lame. I know.

But even lamer is that getting your hands on straight up recycling information within your council is a Herculean effort. It takes an extensive Google search to know how to go ahead with your recycling ambitions.

Most people just aren’t going to do that.

So, that was the inspiration and hope behind the Ignite For Change movement. We wanted to simplify and streamline the recycling do’s and don’ts so even your Nan could easily do it. Not to diss your Nan. I’m sure she’s just wonderful. But the goal is to make the process easy peasy so that ANYBODY could effectively and efficiently do it. (Also. Don’t tell my Nan about that comment, there will be hell to pay come the next family holiday).

I digress.

User Testing in UX Design

But that is the brass tacks of how this all came to be, and pretty amazingly has caught some momentum! Ignite now has 40,000+ members on its Facebook community. All likeminded and driven with the common goal of making sustainability achievable in each and every home. I think the most horrifying factoid is that, according to the Ellen MacArthur foundation, only 14% of plastic actually gets reused. That is a crapload of plastic not being repurposed!

We decided to put our money where our mouth is, and lend our tech expertise to the cause and use the resources readily available to us. All of the Cube Crew.

With them we have been able to bust out the D&D (discover and define) techniques that we use for each and every project that comes in our door. Through the valuable information Ignite has garnered, we have a more comprehensive understanding of what was needed to fill the void than we did six months ago. Which is invaluable. And we want to share this knowledge with other like minded individuals and organisations that can benefit from it too and help us tackle the issue at hand.

Next on the agenda for Ignite, we are going to go hard on the research phase. Consumer survey’s, talking to brands about their waste responsibility, and my Nan about her single use plastic consumption (I’m gonna be on her list after this blog post). All of that will aid our vision and execution. 

This carefully curated roadmap will lead to our ultimate vision of creating a piece of technology that will help nudge consumers to make the ultimate lifestyle change and improve their personal lifestyle habits. 

The next phase of Ignite is set to be extremely exciting. Using our own expertise as well as insights from our community will allow us to build an app that is genuinely useful and sparks behaviour change to combat the challenges of the recycling process.

Richard Strachan, MD at 3 Sided Cube

And that’s all we can hope to do. Lend our expertise to the greater good and start a recycle revolution!

In this and every aspect, the more the merrier (says this particular extrovert writer) but this app really has a ‘sky is the limit’ growth pattern. So please feel welcomed and encouraged to message us at to share your ideas! We also have the Ignite facebook community if you want to follow our exciting research and development process of this unique app!


Published on April 22, 2020, last updated on June 4, 2020

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