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A platform to nurture high performing teams

Inuous, a bespoke consultancy, approached 3 Sided Cube because they needed a dynamic platform to distribute their unique surveys and ensure that they had better engagement.

The Challenge?

Inuous came to us with a problem. They had an existing platform for their bespoke consultancy that specialises in resolving critical issues within organisations, and just wasn’t working effectively enough to deliver to their client. 

They needed a platform to distribute surveys, but also ensure that these surveys had great engagement. Currently, management teams struggled to even set-up the initial survey. It then became a mammoth effort for users to create an account because the pertinent sign-in email went automatically into a spam filter black hole. 

Once a survey was completed, the assessment was not visible to these management teams and rendering the data was extremely difficult to access. As a result, it was nearly unusable and needed a massive makeover. 

Inuous needed something that was user friendly and efficient, so leaders and directors could easily facilitate a survey and immediately access the accompanying data. As well this, it needed to be a beautiful and straightforward format that employees could fill out with no issues cropping up.

It was vital for them to have a functional digital presence because they work passionately to support conscious leadership and high-performance teams. Without it, they can’t do what they do best.

Luckily, that is just the kind of challenge we love to get our teeth into! 

The Solution

The entire premise of Inuous reaching out to us was they simply wanted the survey process to be easy. So finding that solution was our priority.

What we really focused on, was reducing those barriers to entry and making what they offered, usable. This included ditching the old code base and starting from scratch. We were able to streamline the entire process so that it was easily manageable and uncomplicated for users to fill out a survey. The flip side of that is the data procured from the survey was presented in a way that was simple and easy to digest. 


What does the app do?

Creation of surveys

The platform enables Inuous to easily create and send out surveys that don’t require users to sign up for an account, and the results are immediately visible to the directors. That makes it possible for management to access all of the data without needing a facilitator.

Collation of results

The results of the specially designed survey now show how cohesive your team is with your objective, project or mission. Data garnered can also instantaneously take the temperature of the team so you can see it boiled down into what is or isn’t working.

Data analysis

Probably the most exciting part of the project is the spider graph we created that visualises the results in a snapshot that is very digestible. Another feature we made sure to bake-in was the ability to run the same survey 3-6 months later so you can get a read on how the team has evolved.

The support from the whole team has been levels above anything we could've hoped. It really felt the whole time that they weren't just delivering on a project but rather partnering with us to create something great.

Patrick Hussey, Director of Digital Content


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