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Nature Conservation From the Comfort of Your Own Garden

Giving supporters the chance to get behind the cause by Giving Nature A Home with RSPB



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The Problem?

RSPB needed a platform that would transform the Give Nature a Home campaign to attract younger audiences and give existing supporters a reason to engage with the brand and support their cause.

With more than 18,000 volunteers and over a million supporters, one of the main challenges that RSPB were facing was creating a platform that would add value to all these people, offering practical ways to support the cause regardless of how old they are, where they live or how much spare time they have.

RSPB Nature Conservation App

The Solution

The community needed a practical way of supporting the charity. A Giving Nature a Home mobile app allowed these supporters to educate themselves on nature conservation, RSPB and ways they can support the cause from their own homes.

Tailoring the solution to different supporters or more niche groups, the platform and its content accounts for various factors like the size of garden and difficulty of tasks, making sure that every supporter could get behind the cause if they wanted to.

What does the app do?

Finding Your Garden

Supporters can simply enter their post code and the app will let them know what kind of wildlife lives there.

Planning Activities

Activities like building a hedgehog cafe can be personalised by size of garden, time, resources, difficulty and season.

Educating Supporters

Supporters can earn specific badges to show that they’ve provided a home for different kinds of wildlife. Representing the individual’s contribution towards RSPB’s cause.

Gamification For Good

Quiz sections aim to test your knowledge of different species, with image and multiple-choice answers, you can earn badges and rewards for proving how much you've learnt.

The Five Day Design Sprint With RSPB Supporters

We brought the RSPB team together and took them on a direct journey through a UX and UI design sprint to map out all the opportunities that were available, as well as prioritising these based on the value they added to RSPB supporters. To help validate the right solution we brought a couple of concepts to life through prototypes, helping create a business case for the app by validating against real users and capturing user insight and feedback. 

While the finished product has evolved from the prototype made in the sprint, the fundamentals owe everything to the sprint process. We were really impressed with this method and how 3 SIDED CUBE implemented it.

Maurice Tse-Leon, Digital Manager, RSPB

RSPB Client Project

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