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How can technology have real impact?

Having a positive impact is so vital for organisations to have now more than ever. But how do you show, measure and keep it at the heart of everything you do? Learn more about it in our latest blog post...


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We’ve all heard the familiar complaints about technology, “technology is terrible! It’ll be the death of us all” or “technology has gone too far – it’s changed everything” or even “the internet was a mistake”. And at times it can feel like that, the power and reach that it has is immense, but the truth is technology isn’t a force for good on its own or a force for bad. It’s agnostic – it’s up to us how we use it and implement it around the world. 

Technological innovations are being made every day, and it’s up to us (primarily businesses and governments, and to some extent consumers) to make sure these innovations are used for bettering the world around us.

For example, when the printing press was invented in France in the 1400s, nobody knew what it could or should be used for. Whether it was going to be used for spreading helpful knowledge or classic literature, or dangerous ideology, was up to whoever was behind the wheel. The point is: technology (in its raw form) isn’t good or bad.

We’ve all seen the devastation it can wreak when used negatively, and that is exactly why we at 3 Sided Cube will only use it for good. Every single project we take on sits expressly in the ‘for good sector’. We want our digital products to change millions of lives for the better, and the only way they will do that is by positively impacting them. This goal is what unifies and gets every single Cube out of bed in the morning.

Over the past decade, we’ve had the immense pleasure of working with leading impact focused organisations: from American Red Cross, The United Nations, Global Forest Watcher and The World Resource Institute to name drop just a few. Together with our clients, we create partnerships to grow and strengthen their positive impact on people and planet. It’s an honour to fulfill our mission via our clients and support them by building technology that not only facilitates significant change, but most importantly, helps make the world a better place.

Rich Strachan, MD

Having a positive impact needs to be the north star for every organisation.

Business leaders have the biggest responsibility here – if you’re a decision-maker, it’s time to look at how new innovations can improve your business’ positive impact. Whether that’s in the sustainability sector, diversity and equality, efficiency, education, or even healthcare, there are so many applications of innovation that some of us haven’t even thought about yet.

To help break it down for you, we are hosting an event dedicated to the impact of ‘tech for good’ – we’ll be looking at what it means, how to identify opportunities for it, how to use it, how to measure, and how to keep that impact at the heart of your organisation. Our MD, Rich Strachan, will be on hand to lead the session, share his vision for ‘tech for good’ and answer your questions. Along with our Head of Commercial, Gabby Crouch to offer her expertise and facilitate the panel like an absolute boss!

The event will be on August 24th from 3-4 pm BST and is aimed at executives and those in mid to high-level management who want to drive positive impact from directly within their organisations. Of course, there are many examples from around the world we could highlight, and we’ll be running through several in the webinar.

We will have some examples of tech that’s making an impact (humble brag) some of which are produced by our very own team here at 3 Sided Cube. In particular, our favourites include the world’s first blood tracking app that continues to save lives, an app for LUSH to raise awareness of plastic pollution, and a conservation app designed for the World Resources Institute to help protect our forests.

So make sure you don’t miss out! Make sure are all signed up and ready to join us to learn why the impact of ‘tech for good’ is so important and how you can be part of it. And if your company, NGO, or if you personally would like to get involved and collaborate with us on a ‘tech for good’ initiative, get in touch!

Published on August 4, 2021, last updated on August 17, 2021

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