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Podcast alert: Igniting Change Season 3

We’re excited to announce the upcoming launch of the third season of our podcast! How tech can be used as a catalyst for good is the running theme in every episode. Check out our latest blog to find out more about Igniting Change S3...


S3 blogpost

Our award-winning podcast, Igniting Change is back for another season! 

What started out as a way to sit down (virtually) with our guests across the environmental sector to gain insight into why consumers aren’t making more sustainable choices, has evolved into discussions around the fascinating work each guest is doing across the environmental, humanitarian and financial sectors and how they are using tech as a force for good.

Humanity is facing a myriad of crises, and we are honored to use this platform to spotlight the incredible work our guests are doing around the world to change millions of lives for the better.

It’s easy to read the news and feel overwhelmed, but the inspiring stories of each guest truly showcase the immense power technology has in lending aid to the biggest problems facing us today. It’s our aim to get the right people in the right room to create solutions to the world’s biggest problems. We do this through collaborative events, with past speakers from WWF, The World Food Programme, and UNESCO as well as research reports and of course, here on our podcast.

Meet The Igniting Change Crew

After an incredible response to Season 2 of Igniting Change, we are back and better than ever to talk all things tech for good!

Rich Strachan, 3 Sided Cube, CEO

Our hosts from 3 Sided Cube include Richard Strachan, CEO, Gabby Crouch, Head of Client Success, and Puff Story, USA Co-Founder. Our hosts are absolutely FANTASTIC at driving a great discussion with each and every guest. While we operate under the motto of more is more when it comes to tech for good and could talk about it all day, it’s fascinating to hear about the interesting stories and lives our guests lead. With our hosts being scattered across the globe, this means that we are able to accommodate differing time zones to ensure that we get the very best podcast guests for you!

Previously on Igniting Change...

Last Season Igniting Change was jam-packed with truly inspirational guests and insightful conversations. You can read more about them here:

  • Episode 1: We talk to Anne-Charlotte Mornington, the head of Impact at Olio, a community-sharing app aimed at reducing waste. Anne-Charlotte shares her thoughts on the power of impact and the change that technology can bring.
  • Episode 2: Daniel Hemsley, co-founder of Beagle, joins us to discuss how the Beagle Button extension helps make sustainable choices easy when shopping online.
  • Episode 3: We are joined by Simone Clarke, CEO of UN Women Australia to discuss the role that UN women have in promoting gender equality within the world.
  • Episode 4: We welcome, Nudj an app to help you take simple challenges to reduce your carbon footprint.
  • Episode 5: We chat with Good Nature Agro, about the work they are doing with small-scale farmers in Zambia to help lift them out of poverty.
  • Episode 6: Tom joins us from Cancer Research UK to discuss the impactful work that he has been involved with; from innovative fundraising to building large-scale campaigns.
  • Episode 7: Tea joins us from WRI to discuss the massive impact that data is having in shaping sustainability and monitoring the earth’s resources on a global scale.
  • Episode 8: Anne-Marie Grey is the CEO and executive director of USA for UNHCR, and brings a wealth of knowledge to the agency, with the aim to better the lives of millions of refugees.
  • Episode 9: Sue Gowling joins us from Laptops4Learning, an organization that works with corporations to get surplus technology into the hands of disadvantaged individuals to tackle digital inequality.
  • Episode 10: We speak with Ellie Hood from the NHS Foundation Trust, where she heads up a team working on the frontlines to help NHS hospitals and GP surgeries become more efficient and innovative.
  • Episode 11: Liz Bubel joins us to discuss her role within the American Red Cross and the development of the emergency app that provides life-saving information to every American.
  • Episode 12: Sarah Farooqi joins us to discuss her work with Digital Impact Alliance within the United Nations Foundation to bring their vision of a world where everyone has access to digital tools in order to participate in society.
  • Episode 13: Matt Jerwood, a Digital engagement consultant, who has worked with Oxfam and Tommy’s, joins us to discuss how he has helped shape the world of digital fundraising.
  • Episode 14: Nathalia Dos Santos, Senior Program Associate for Innovation at the Rockefeller Foundation, joins us to discuss her fascinating work on the 17 Rooms initiative.
  • Episode 15: Michael Kleinman, Director of Technology and Human Rights for Amnesty International joins us to discuss human rights, Big Tech, and the “Puff coin” coming to a Crypto Exchange near you!

Catch up on all of Season 2 here:

The latest and greatest from Season 3

  • Episode 1: For the first episode of Season 3 of ‘Igniting Change’, we sat down with Alex de Brunner, Founder of Ethos, to discuss how, at just 19 years old, she released a social media platform to encourage Gen Z to change the world.
  • Episode 2: Nick Pollard, Founder of Family Mental Wealth, joins us to discuss how he used a heartbreaking family experience to radically transform mental health provision for families and children through digital tools.
  • Episode 3: Laura Probst, Founder of Do Good: Make Money, joins us to discuss how she went from empowering women in South Africa to forging partnerships with some of the biggest for-good companies around the world.
  • Episode 4: Tom Jackson, Founder of Honest Ocean, joins us to discuss career changes, failed start-ups, and pivots that all led to him setting up a recycling infrastructure in South East Asia to remove plastic from the ocean.
  • Episode 5: Feraye Ozfescioglu, CEO of World Humanitarian Forum, joins us to discuss how what began as a one-off event has now become one of the largest convener of Humanitarian organisations in the world.
  • Episode 6: Natasha Benson, CEO of F4ID, joins us to discuss fintech for international development and how to deliver impactful solutions to the Humanitarian sector.
  • Episode 7: Vicky Godfrey, Co-Founder of DNApal, joins us to discuss how her HealthTech company delivers personalised health advice to help users make better lifestyle choices by using nutrigenomics.
  • Episode 8: Amy Walker, Head of Digital Communities & Development for Missing People, joins us to discuss her journey from being a technology hobbyist, to using it for those in need.
  • Episode 9Rachel Kimber, Vice President of Grants Management at Smile Train, joins us to discuss the inspirational journey from her upbringing, traveling on her gap year(s), to how she began working at a global charity that supports children born with cleft palates in 70 different countries.
  • Episode 10Petya Kangalova, Open Tech Collective Facilitator for Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team, joins us to discuss the incredible power of open-source technology and the competitive advantage that collaboration and openness can offer the third sector.
  • Episode 11Lara Strangways, Head of Business & Human Rights at Global Rights Compliance, joins us to discuss how they deliver remedy and justice through the innovative application of international law.
  • Episode 12Isabelle Smith, Chief Information Officer at All Hands and Hearts, joins us to discuss how she went from volunteering in the Philippines to her role as a CIO of a global organization that helps communities recover from disasters.
  • Episode 13Michael Edmonson, Co-Founder & CEO of Worthy Mentoring, joins us to discuss his non-profit that connects mentors and mentees in the LGBTQ+ communities to deliver help and guidance.
  • Episode 14Dr. Paula Hall, Clinical Director at Pivotal Recovery, joins us to discuss how her platform uses technology to help people overcome pornography and sex addiction.
  • Episode 15Akshay Khullar, Director of Digital Fundraising at American Humane, joins us to discuss how technology has impacted fundraising efforts.
  • Episode 16Dave Thau, Data and Technology Global Lead Scientist at WWF, joins us as we explore the role and impact that technology has in conservation and tackling biodiversity loss.
  • Episode 17Camila Tapias, Global Disaster Resilience Specialist at SPIN Global, joins us to discuss her passion for disaster preparedness and the parallels it has to sports like basketball.
  • Episode 18Mary Wellen, Senior Digital Fundraising Manager at Wildlife Conservation Society, joins us to talk about how a happenstance business trip became the catalyst and inspiration for her to forge a new career path in an organization that protects wildlife + wild places in over 50 countries.
  • Episode 19Jamie Bearse, CEO of ZERO Prostate Cancer, joins us to discuss how nonprofits can harness technology, from bridging virtual and in-person communities to the uses of AI.
  • Episode 20Rachel Hope, Director of Digital Services at the NHS, joins us to discuss how her career beginnings in civil service led to her impressive career utilizing technology to bring services and care into people’s homes.
  • Episode 21: Shiloh Paul, Product Manager at MeaningSphere, joins us to discuss her role at an inspirational start-up that’s on a mission to help people find more meaning in their work lives.
  • Episode 22: Rachel Wells, Senior Manager of Community Programs at DataKind, joins us to talk about how she enables social impact at her organization with AI & data science.
  • Episode 23: Alex Sindorf, Food Assistance Programs Manager at Indy Hunger Network, joins us to discuss their movement to end food insecurity for anyone who is hungry.
  • Episode 24: In an Igniting Change first, we have Vicky Godfrey back in the hot seat to give us an update on the challenges and successes of launching an app now that DNApal has launched in the iOS store!

We started Igniting Change because we believe technology can create a better future. Working with organizations including the American Red Cross, Forest Watcher, the World Resources Institute, and LUSH, we are embarking on a mission to create apps that enable and nudge people, businesses, and NGOs to improve their efforts and make better choices.

If you are currently using tech for good within your organization, we would love to talk about how you could join an episode and ignite change with us! Shout us a holla and let’s chat!

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Published on March 8, 2023, last updated on July 31, 2023

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