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Podcast alert: Igniting Change Season 2

We’re excited to announce the launch of the second season of our podcast! Tech for good is the running theme in every episode. Check out our latest blog to find out more about Igniting Change S2...


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We’re excited to announce the launch of season 2 of our award winning podcast, Igniting change. Just as a recap, last season was all about the intention action gap that many of us find ourselves in. Where we want to be more sustainable, but don’t take action on it. This season we go further into sustainable living and the climate crisis, but also branch out to talk to some incredible guests on their efforts for equality and humanitarian aid.

For this series, we will be looking at more inspiring ways in which people and tech are out there doing good in the world.

The hosts of our podcast are Richard Strachan, Managing Director at 3 Sided Cube along with co-hosts Gabby Crouch, Head of Commercial at 3 Sided Cube and Puff Story Co-Founder of 3 Sided Cube USA.

Previously on Igniting Change...

After an incredible response to our first award winning season, we are back to talk all things tech for good!

Rich Strachan, 3 Sided Cube, CEO

Igniting Change is our award winning podcast to talk to those who are driving behavioural change and striving to make a real difference in the world. In season 2, we will also be expanding our focus to discuss humanitarian issues and the roles that we can play to empower and assist on a global scale.

Our aim is to get the right people in the right room to create solutions to the world’s biggest problems. We do this through collaborative events, with past speakers from WWF, Innocent and Beauty Kitchen as well as research reports and of course, here on our podcast.

We started Igniting Change as we believe technology can create a better future. Working with organisations including the American Red Cross, Forest Watcher, the World Resources Institute, and LUSH, we are embarking on a mission to create apps that enable and nudge people, businesses and NGOs to improve their efforts and make better choices.

Podcast episodes

  • Episode 0: Rich gives an introduction into what can be expected from season 2
  • Episode 1: We talk to Anne-Charlotte Mornington, the head of impact at Olio, a community sharing app aimed at reducing waste. Anne-Charlotte shares her thoughts on the power of impact and the change that technology can bring.
  • Episode 2: Daniel Hemsley, co-founder of Beagle, joins us to discuss how the Beagle Button extension helps making sustainable choices easy when shopping online.
  • Episode 3: We are joined by Simone Clarke, CEO of UN women Australia to discuss the role that UN women have in promoting gender equality within the world.
  • Episode 4: We welcome, Nudj an app to help you take simple challenges to reduce your carbon footprint.
  • Episode 5: We chat with Good Nature Agro, about the work they are doing with small-scale farmers in Zambia to help lift them out of poverty.
  • Episode 6: Tom joins us from Cancer Research UK to discuss the impactful work that he has been involved with; from innovative fundraising to building large-scale campaigns.
  • Episode 7: Tea joins us from WRI to discuss the massive impact that data is having in shaping sustainability and monitoring the earth’s resources on a global scale.
  • Episode 8: Anne-Marie Grey is the CEO and executive director of USA for UNHCR, and brings a wealth of knowledge to the agency, with the aim to better the lives of millions of refugees.
  • Episode 9: Sue Gowling joins us from Laptops4Learning, an organisation who work with corporations to get surplus technology into the hands of disadvantaged individuals to tackle digital inequality.
  • Episode 10: We speak with Ellie Hood from the NHS Foundation Trust, where she heads up a team working on the frontlines to help NHS hospitals and GP surgeries become more efficient and innovative.
  • Episode 11: Liz Bubel joins us to discuss her role within the American Red Cross and the development of the emergency app that provides life-saving information to every American.
  • Episode 12: Sarah Farooqi joins us to discuss her work with Digital Impact Alliance within the United Nations Foundation to bring their vision of a world where everyone has access to digital tools in order to participate in society.
  • Episode 13: Matt Jerwood, a Digital engagement consultant, who has worked with Oxfam and Tommy’s, joins us to discuss how he has helped shape the world of digital fundraising.
  • Episode 14: Nathalia Dos Santos, Senior Program Associate for Innovation at the Rockefeller Foundation, joins us to discuss her fascinating work on the 17 Rooms initiative.
  • Episode 15: Michael Kleinman, Director of Technology and Human Rights for Amnesty International joins us to discuss human rights, Big Tech, and the “Puff coin” coming to a Crypto Exchange near you!

Find all of the episodes from our podcast, Igniting change:

Published on August 31, 2022, last updated on March 7, 2023

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